Outreach from Past Years

Making Connections

There are many events that happen outside of robotics competitions. In outreach, we plan and organize events with other robotic teams and local community groups. We reach out to incoming students and inform them about the different careers in software and how robotics is a great way to get into programming or engineering.

Oversized Key - Adaptive Technology

To increase accessibility for a student with physical disabilities, our team was able to create and program an oversized key that allows the student to more easily access the caps lock key than a traditional keyboard would. This is particularly important for people who can only type with their dominant hand. We have documented our process to share with the community, posting our design, programming, and images of the final product online. We hope to motivate other teams to help students living with physical challenges.

Vista STEM Night

For this annual event, we run demos and speak with students and parents. We design and set up activity centers where very young students can drive and complete challenges with small robots. We also have a special display area where we showcase the FTC program and display our current competitive robot. Many parents, especially those who work in STEM fields, are very excited to discover that their young children have exciting opportunities to look forward to when they reach high school. We hope we are able to inspire these young minds to pursue creativity and innovation through robotics!

Middle School:
Career Pathways Day

For the last few years, we have been guest speakers at Valley View’s Career Pathways Day. We talk about FIRST Tech Challenge and tell students about our experiences on the team, how we can help them pursue a career in robotics, and give a demo of our robot. Then we give them the opportunity to drive several types of robots. This event has been extremely effective in bringing incoming freshmen into our program.

High School:
Open House

On the behalf of the Software and Systems Development Pathway at Simi Valley High School, Team 6282 showcased our robot in action at our annual Open House. In attendance were current and prospective students of Simi High, as well as school board members and other local stakeholders who got to see several mock rounds of competition. The attendees also got to hear about the value of STEM education and how FIRST Tech Challenge can help build a foundation for STEM careers. The primary goal was to encourage future students to explore the world of robotics, whether it be in a pathways course or by joining our FTC team.

Visit to FRC Team 1138 Eagles Engineering

Our team visited Team 1138, a local FRC team at Chaminade Preparatory school. We attended a tour of their workshop, design process, and the different steps involved in organizing their team. After the tour, our team demonstrated our robot's capabilities as well as the FTC ideals. We answered any questions about our robotics design as well as our team dynamic.

Simi Sunrise Rotary Club

Our team had the opportunity to present our FTC program to the Rotary Club. After our presentation, we ran our competitive robot through a demonstration, which was the highlight of the event. It was great for team members to finally get the chance to thank members of the club who have funded our team over the years and have helped to inspire us to pursue robotics. Present at the Rotary Club were members of the local business community, many of whom work in manufacturing and aerospace industries.

Many Thanks to our Sponsors

Team 6282 largely relies on the financial contributions of sponsors in STEM-related fields to cover our registration and competition fees, parts, materials, and tools. Team 6282 would not be where it is today without the financial support it receives from these awesome sponsors:

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