The Game

A team for POWERPLAY consists of up to two driver operators, a human player, a coach and a robot ). Each match is played with four randomly selected teams ( two per alliance), but each alliance is only allowed one human player.The robot must weigh no more than 42 pounds.

The game is played on a 12 foot square playing field with two Alliance neutral craters sitting in opposite corners and two alliance specific depots in the other corners. Silver and gold minerals are divided roughly evenly and placed in its crater. The lander sits in the center of the field with alliance specific landing zones marked by red and blue tape. Red and blue Alliance stations are taped off on opposite sides of the field including the scoring referee sutures. Prior to the start of the match robots may be latched onto the lander. Robots that cannot be latched must start in the Alliance's land.

Each match begins with a 30-second autonomous period, during this period teams can only score using only pre-programmed instructions and sensor inputs. Following the autonomous period is the two-minute driver controlled period, in which the Drivers operate the Robots. The last 30 seconds of the driver controlled period is the endgame, during this time robots may earn bonus points.

Competition Dates

LA-v Meet 0 (V League): Nov 10, 2018
LA-v Meet 1 (V League): Dec 1, 2018
LA-v Meet 2 (V League): Jan 12, 2019
LA-v Meet 3 (V League): Jan 26, 2019
LA-ILT d & v: Feb 16, 2019