The Game

In order to accommodate the virtual setting, the robot was played individually on a half field. Additionally, the number of game elements was cut in half to accommodate the half field. This year's game element was an orange ring about 5 inches in diameter and 3 quarters of an inch thick. There are a total of ten rings throughout the game, but the robot can only pick up three rings at a time. There are also two wobble goals that can have rings placed onto them or they can be moved to earn additional points.

At the beginning of the match, the robot is fully autonomous for thirty seconds. In that short span of time, the robot can fire rings into a low, medium or high goal or knock over powershots. To earn additional points, the wobble goal can be moved to a predetermined position. The position of the wobble goal is determined by the starter stack, which is randomized by the field personnel. Zero rings in the starter stack correspond with zone A. One ring in the starter stack corresponds with zone B, and four rings correspond to zone C.

After the autonomous period, the drivers will control the robot for the following two minutes. During that time, the robot has to be capable of picking up rings and firing them into either the low, middle, or high goal. During the last 30 seconds of the driving portion, or endgame, the robot has the opportunity to interact with the powershots and the wobble goal. Placing the wobble goal outside of the field or returning the wobble goal to the start line can earn bonus points.

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Competition Dates

Scrimmage 1: Nov. 22
Scrimmage 2: Jan. 31
Scrimmage 3: Feb. 21
Scrimmage 4: Mar. 9
LA Qualifiers: Mar. 27
LA Championship: Apr. 24