We handle the logistics that make it possible for the team to participate in FIRST Tech Challenge competitions. In other words, we make sure the team has everything it needs to function at its best. We assist with grant writing and fund raising events, order parts and supplies, and handle all the paperwork necessary to function as a club on our campus. We also work with the other subteams to ensure that our engineering notebook is current and that every aspect of the development process is well-documented.

Vice President of Operations

Ella H.
I write grants to ensure that our team has the funding it needs each year, as well as sending thank you letters and maintaining relationships with our sponsors. I also plan and organize all public outreach events.


Upaush S.
I am responsible for documenting every robotics club business meeting and recording the decisions made. I also work with our Treasurer to oversee and record all financial transactions. I then submit the necessary paperwork to the Associated Student Body (ASB).


Dylan K
As treasurer, I oversee and record financial transactions for the team. I work with our engineering subteam to keep an inventory of parts and materials, and I update our shopping list as needed, adding prices and links to our vendors' websites. Lastly, I check with ASB to maintain an accurate ledger for our account.

Web Developer

Lily C.
I am a 17 year old senior at Simi Valley High school. My role on the robotics team is operations/marketing, where I mainly focus on updating the team website and searching for outreach opportunities. I enjoy learning about the engineering process of robots and I am grateful for the uplifting morale that encapsulates our team. Some of my extracurricular hobbies include playing guitar and surfing.

Web Developer

Vitisha M.
I am a 17 year old senior at Simi Valley High School. As I work in Operations and Marketing, I write emails for grants and demos, update the team website, and take photos for the team. I enjoy learning how the robots are engineered and coded and being a part of the comradery of the team. Outside of robotics, I like to paint and spend time with my family and friends.


As the team develops and builds a robot throughout the season, new parts or materials must be purchased to replenish resources. And in order to upgrade the robot and it's capabilities, the team must take into account what materials need to be bought and what financial resources will support that. The purchasing committee logs and maintains a record of past and recent purchases, so that the team does not spend more than the budget it has been allocated and can sustain itself financially for the season.

Engineering Portfolio

Every year the engineering portfolio is constructed and presented to a panelist of judges who rank and review the documented progress and process of participating teams. For Team 6282, the engineering portfolio consists of 15 pages, content varying from any and all team meetings as well as photographic displays of the tasks being worked on. It is critical that the engineering notebook clearly and concisely communicates the process of any engineering activity, outreach event, or general matters of the team. This helps the engineering portfolio stand out from others during judge panel reviews, become a source of reflection at the end of the season, as well as a source of inspiration for future seasons.


There are many events that happen outside of robotics competitions. In outreach, we plan and organize events with other robotic teams and local community groups. We reach out to incoming students and inform them about the different careers in software and how robotics is a great way to get into programming or engineering.

Wings Over Camarillo STEM Expo

Our team participated in a STEM Expo at the Wings over Camarillo Airshow, showcasing our robot and demonstrating its various capabilities. The team was able to describe the robot's mechanisms and the design process to the Ventura County community and anyone interested in mechanical engineering, informing them about the mission and core values of FIRST. Over the course of the day, we were able to reach over 1100 people.


Our team participated in the SVUSD STEAM Expo where we had the opportunity to design a demonstration to showcase the FTC program. We coordinated with other FTC teams we helped to start in 2021, allowing the people at the expo to discover what FIRST Tech Challenge is about. We reached just over 250 people with this event and many incoming students showed interest in joining the team in future years.

Pioneer Showcase

On the behalf of the Software and Systems Development Pathway at Simi Valley High School, Team 6282 showcased our robot in action at the Pioneer Showcase Night. In attendance were current and prospective students of Simi High. The attendees also got to hear about the value of STEM education and how FIRST Tech Challenge can help build a foundation for STEM careers. The primary goal was to encourage future students to explore the world of robotics, whether it be in a pathways course or by joining our FTC team.

Visit to FRC Team 1138 Eagles Engineering

Our team visited Team 1138, a local FRC team at Chaminade Preparatory School. We attended a tour of their workshop, design process, and the different steps involved in organizing their team. After the tour, our team demonstrated our robot's capabilities as well as the FTC ideals. We answered any questions about our robotics design as well as our team dynamic.

inVia Robotics Tour & Demo

Team 6282 organized and attended a tour at InVia Robotics, a software and robotics company in Westlake Village, CA. We learned about InVia's robots, including their design process and autonomous capabilities for performing tasks. Additionally, we learned about the specific tasks performed here by employees. We were able to explain our design process and the components of our drivetrain to industry professionals. We were also able to answer any questions that they had about our robot.

Battle for the Valley Robotics Competition

Our team developed our own student-designed, student-run annual robotics competition as a response to a donor's challenge: How could we get more kids in Simi Valley Unified School District interested in STEM? We decided to invite students from all the middle schools to compete in kid-friendly games suitable for beginners. A special FIRST Tech Challenge demo area helps us introduce our program to both students and the parents and families who come to watch. In the three years that we have hosted this super fun event, we have seen an increase in new FTC team members.

Women in STEM Career Chat

Our team organized a Women in STEM Career Chat with Ms. Canelli from CodeHS. High school students were able to learn from the experiences of this professional (what it is like to be a woman in typically male-dominated fields), and gained valuable advice for future college and professional careers in STEM fields.

FIRST Lego League Qualifying Tournament

Our team volunteered to help run the tournament at West Ranch. We were in charge of queuing 38 teams for their matches as well as refereeing 3 of the 4 fields to accurately calculate the scores for each match. The team also provided a student master of ceremonies (MC) and two adult volunteers who took the role of the second MC as well as the head referee. Afterwards, the teams and volunteers gathered for a dance party to conclude the day of competition.

Tour at Parker Meggitt

Our team attended a tour of the facilities of the aerospace company, Meggitt, in Simi Valley, CA. We were educated on their design, planning, and production processes. We were also able to present our robot to 3 of their engineers, explaining our own iterative design process and receiving specific feedback and suggestions from the industry professionals.

Aerojet Rocketdyne

Our team was invited to showcase our robot at a STEM & Robotics Fair and tour the Canoga Park rocket factory. We set up a field and demonstrated our robot. We were the only team to represent FTC at the event. We talked to many engineers and other employees, answering questions and getting feedback on our design. Following that, we took a 1-hour tour of their manufacturing facilities. We got to see both traditional subtractive manufacturing and their new additive manufacturing facilities. They had EB welders, metal 3D printers. We got to see them working on some rocket parts that will later be used in the Artemis missions.

Many Thanks to our Sponsors

Team 6282 largely relies on the financial contributions of sponsors in STEM-related fields to cover our registration and competition fees, parts, materials, and tools. Team 6282 would not be where it is today without the financial support it receives from these awesome sponsors:

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