The Game

The name of the game this year is CENTERSTAGE, where opposing alliances will navigate the field and score points. An alliance is made up of two teams, each consisting of two driver operators, a coach, a robot, and a human player.

At the back of the field, there are two alliance specified backdrops/stages, where pixels can be scored. Four trusses made up of riggings and one stage door divide the field in half. At the front of the field, there are alliance specific wings where a human player will provide robots with pixels.

The game element consists of 94 pixels (64 white, 10 purple, 10 green, and 10 yellow). Four white pixels indicate a 30-second autonomous period where a robot must place pixels or park on the backdrop/stage to earn points. The autonomous period is followed by a two minute driver controlled period where alliances earn points by placing pixels on the backdrop/stage. The last 30 seconds mark End Game where, for the first time, alliances can launch a “drone” from their robot into specified landing zones, suspend their robot from the rigging, or continue to score pixels on the backdrop/stage.

Competition Dates

League Meet 0: October 28th
League Meet 1: Nov. 11
League Meet 2: Dec. 9
League Meet 3: Jan. 20