2019-20 SKYSTONE

The Game

For SKYSTONE a team consists of up to two driver operators, a coach, a human player and a robot. Each match is played with four randomly selected teams ( two per Alliance ) and each alliance is allowed only one human player.

The game is played on a 12 foot square playing field with a foam tile floor and one foot high walls. Separating the landing zone from the building zone is the sky bridge made up of two alliance specific fridges with 14 inches of clearance and a neutral bridge 20 inches high. Red and blue depots are taped off in the loading zone corners and red and blue building sites are taped off in the building zone corners. The main game element is a stone four by eight and five inches tall and there are four special sky stones with a navigation target wrapped over one side. Before each match teams place their robots on the field touching the wall closest to their Alliance station. 24 stones are stacked next to each human player station and 12 more stones are placed on the field, including four randomly located sky stones.

Each match begins with a 30-second autonomous period. During this period there are various ways for teams to score using only pre-programmed instructions and sensor inputs. Following the autonomous period is the two-minute driver controlled period. There are a number of ways to score points: each stone delivered completely through an alliance bridge earns one point but a stone delivered through the neutral bridge does not earn any points, each stone placed on the foundation earns one point. The last 30 seconds of the driver controlled period is the endgame.

Competition Dates

LA-League V Meet 1: Nov. 22
LA-League V Meet 2: Dec. 14
LA-League V Meet 3: Jan. 18
LA-ILT i & V: Jan. 25
ILT 1-25 Palmdale, CA: Jan. 25 - 26
LA-Socal Regional: Mar. 7
Los Angeles Championship Monrovia, CA GALILEO: Mar. 7 - 8