The Game

For FREIGHT FRENZY a team consists of up to two driver operators, a coach and a robot. Each match is played with four randomly selected teams (two per alliance) and the game is played on a 12 foot square playing field.

The game elements are two types of freight ( cargos and square boxes), four square boxes marked with an x and rubber ducks. Before each match the freight is stored in the warehouses and a pre-load box is placed onto the field for each robot. A duck is placed onto each carousel and in the middle position of each barcode. Teams place their robots on the field, touching the wall adjacent to their alliance station but not in a warehouse.

The match begins with a 30-second autonomous period, during this period teams can only score using only pre-programmed instructions and sensor inputs. Following the autonomous period is the two-minute driver controlled period, in which teams can score points by delivering freight to storage units and shipping hubs. Each piece of freight delivered to an alliance's storage unit will earn one point. Freight scored on an alliance's shipping hub will earn two points on level one, four points on level two and six points on level three. Each freight scored on the alliance's side of the shared shipping hub will score four points for their alliance. The last 30 seconds of the driver control period is the end game.


Competition Dates

League Meet 1: Nov. 13
League Meet 2: Dec. 11
League Meet 3: Jan. 22
SoCal QT Monrovia Sat: Feb. 19
SoCal Regional Championship: Mar. 12