The Game

A team for Relic Recovery consists of up to two driver operators, a human player, a coach and a robot ). Each match is played with four randomly selected teams ( two per alliance), but each alliance is only allowed one human player.

To set the field, 2 red and 2 blue balancing stones are mounted on the field floor, 4 relics are positioned in the field corners, 4 jewel sets are positioned on the field walls, 4 crypto boxes are located on the walls and 24 gray and 24 brown glyphs are randomly arranged in the glyph pit. Prior to the start of the match teams must balance their robots on the balancing stones.

The match begins with a 30-second autonomous period, during this period teams can only score using only pre-programmed instructions and sensor inputs. Following the autonomous period is the two-minute driver controlled period, in which the drivers operate the Robots.

  • Each glyph scored in a crypto box earns the Alliance 2 points.
  • Completed row of glyphs earns an additional 10 points and a completed column earns an additional 20 points.
  • If an alliance can score 12 glyphs in one of the six cipher patterns it will earn an additional 30 points.

The last 30 seconds of the driver controlled period is the end game.

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Competition Dates

LA-d Meet 1 (d League): Dec 3, 2017
LA-d Meet 2 (d League): Dec 17, 2017
LA-d Meet 3 (d League): Jan 14, 2018
LA-ILT A2 & D (Los Angeles A2 and Santa Clarita D Leagues): Feb 18, 2018
LA Regional Championship (Orange Division): Feb 24, 2018